Academic and Professional details:

Venkatesh V

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

IIT Roorkee, Uttarakhand




Assistant  Professor            Department of Chemistry

   (2019-Till date)                 Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

DST-INSPIRE faculty          Supervisor: Prof. G. Mugesh

   (2017-2019)                     Inorganic and Physical Chemistry (IPC)

                                            Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Post-Doctoral Fellow          Supervisor: Professor Peter J Sadler

   (2015-2017)                     Department of Chemistry

                                            The University of Warwick, UK

        Ph.D.                           Supervisor: Professor Sandeep Verma

  (2009 - 2014)                    Department of Chemistry

                                            Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur,

                                            Kanpur-208016, India

Awards / Fellowships:

     2017                   DST-INSPIRE faculty award from DST,   

                                Government of India


2015- 2017              Newton International Fellowship 

                                awarded by The Royal Society and The British Academy  


     2014                   Eli Lilly and Company Asia Outstanding Thesis Award

    2008                    National Eligibility Test, University Grants Commission,

                                India (JRF-chemical sciences).

Representative Publications:

1)  N. Singh, K. P. Raul, A. Poulose, G. Mugesh* and V. Venkatesh*. " Highly Stable Pyrimidine Based       

      Luminescent Copper Nanoclusters with Superoxide Dismutase Mimetic and Nitric Oxide Releasing Activity"

      ACS Appl. Bio Mater., 2020, 3, 7454−7461.

2)  K. T. Prakash, N. Singh and V. Venkatesh* " Synthesis of novel luminescent copper nanoclusters with

     substituent driven self-assembly and aggregation induced emission (AIE)" Chem. Comm., 2019, 55, 322−355.

3) V. Venkatesh, N. K. Mishra, I. R. Canelón, R. R. Vernooij, H. Shi, J. P. C. Coverdale, A. Habtemariam, 

     S. Verma, and P. J. Sadler. “Supramolecular Photoactivatable Anticancer Hydrogels” J. Am. Chem.  

     Soc., 2017,139, 5656–5659.

4)  V. Venkatesh, R. B.-Martin, C. J. Wedge, I. R. -Canelon, C. S.-Cano,  J. Song, J. P. C. Coverdale,  P. 

     Zhang,  G. J. Clarkson, A. Habtemariam,  S.W. Magennis,  R. J. Deeth and P. J. Sadler. “Mitochondria- 

     targeted spin-labelled luminescent iridium anticancer complexes” Chem. Sci. 2017, 8271-8278.

5)  S. Kandambeth, V. Venkatesh, D. B. Shinde, S. Kumari, A. Halder, S. Verma, R. Banerjee. “Self-

     templated chemically stable hollow spherical covalent organic framework”  Nature Commun., 2015, 6,

     Article No. 6786.